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Hispanics for School Choice

HFSC was formed because education is the single most unifying issue of the various Hispanic communities in Wisconsin. Hispanics overwhelmingly support Educational choices in all it’s forms, Public, Choice, Charter, Virtual and Home school.

Wisconsin and specifically the city of Milwaukee have been national leaders in school reform over the past 20 years. Created in 1990, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) is the nation’s largest and oldest school voucher program for low-income families; this initiative has included many children in the Hispanic community. Milwaukee boasts a successful charter school network as well as a network of sought after public schools. We believe that having these choices leads to better outcomes for students and families now and in the future.

HFSC was set up as a grassroots organization for the purposes of informing and representing the Hispanic Communities of Wisconsin on the issues of Educational Choice.

HFSC is not just an organization for those with Hispanic heritage but open to anyone who would like to advocate for educational options on behalf of the children and parents of Wisconsin. 

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Mission Statement

Hispanics for School Choice exists to represent and inform the Hispanic Communities of Wisconsin on the issues of Educational Choice and to advocate for the removal of any restrictions on the parental right to choose.

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