HFSC Public Policy

Hispanics for School Choice (HFSC) was formed because we believe education is the single most important, unifying issue among various Hispanic communities in Wisconsin.

HFSC exists to inform and represent Hispanic communities in Wisconsin on issues of parental school choice. It is our goal to promote vigorously that which is important to all Wisconsinites - better choices for our children. It is our mission to accomplish this through a grass roots effort by informing and organizing leaders in our Hispanic communities and collaborating with similar organizations to achieve common goals.

We are eager to form strong relationships with our elected representatives; we want to ensure that the best interests of the people of Wisconsin are taken into account and that the Hispanic voice will become an equal partner in the conversation.

Mission Statement

Hispanics for School Choice exists to represent and inform the Hispanic Communities of Wisconsin on the issues of Educational Choice and to advocate for the removal of any restrictions on the parental right to choose.

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